Shop Local-Run Everywhere



“The Shoe Guru”

As a former track-and-field star at both Lamar High School and the University of Texas in San Antonio, David loves sharing his knowledge of running techniques. When not at the store, he enjoys watching movies and playing games with his family. He loves all things Star Wars and superheroes!



“The Animal Lover”

When she is not working, she enjoys playing with fur babies, taking barre classes, and watching historical shows.



"The OG"

A recent Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Houston majoring in Nutrition, Hannah is one of the original Wild Pear employees. In her time off she can be found slinging iron in the gym, running and hiking or spending some quality time with her dog, Bucky.



"The Band Nerd"

Ben is a classically trained bassoonist from Amarillo. An adult onset exerciser, Ben joined the running community while preparing to be a musician in the US Navy. He is currently pursuing his goal of completing Ironman Texas and enjoys running with his dog, Spirit.

Alex Canyon


"The Fashionista"

Alex is a graduate of Dawson High School pursuing a BS in Bioinformatics at Texas A&M University. A former water polo star, Alex spends her non study hours running and playing with her dog Toby.